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Raku is a magical medium to work in, the second firing, the glaze firing is where miracles can happen.

Each time you take a piece out of the kiln you’ll find yourself holding your breath as as you place it while still red hot into a cold reduction chamber filled with straw, paper or dung where it combusts upon contact causing the glazes to flash.


Then you close the lid on the reduction chamber starving it of oxygen and wait to see if it has cracked from the thermal shock.

Patience during the cooling process is a virtue. When cooled too rapidly pieces do crack, I have many. I have learned my lessons all too well.


As the Raku glazes “flash” during the second firing this causes them to radically change color and intensity, and with changing light they shimmer. Photos do not do them justice.


Each piece is totally unique and can not be replicated. You never know what you’re going to get and I love that!


Not all Raku pieces are available as some have found loving homes with excellent people but new pieces do come along so if you see one that you like or would like to know what is available


Drop Me A Note


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